Anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder or knowledgeable with regards to Borderline Personality Disorder willing to give me some advice?

Simply make a comment and I'll PM you.

This relates to dating and BPD.


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  • Have you been formerly diagnosed? The diagnosis predominantly skewed towards women I think on the past with them making up around 85%. Men who present with similar criteria are more often diagnosed as Bipolar.

    The new DSM V released a few years back has made some significant changes to the diagnostic criteria and treatment approach for personality disorders. Here is some good info below.

    Despite the new approaches suggested I'm the most recent DSM most practitioners refuse to see patients with BPD as the previous manual did not view this disorder as responsive to therapy or medicine as the patient was often continued the same type of black/ white relationship pattern with their therapist.

    If you love in a metro area there should be a few psychologist who specialize in solely dealing with BPD patients and a highly recommend you call around to a few doctors who can refer you to one. It is important to find a professional who routinely deals with this disorder as they will be able to keep the sessions on track and help you find coping skills and adjust your thought patterns which will greatly improve the stability of your emotions and relationships. Best of luck!


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