Has anyone ever dated/dealt with a sociopath?

So I was kinda seeing this guy (or so I thought). We had been talking for like a week. So yesterday I texted him to see if he had wanted to hang out sometime this week. I get a response and it says "nope". Turns out the guy I was seeing went to jail for not paying a DUI fine, so his uncle had his phone and he would be in there for a month. His uncle dished all this sh*t about the guy.

Like 99.99% of the things he told me was a lie. Never told me he was still married (divorce isn't final til this month.) This guy hadn't paid child support in a year. He lied about working at Circuit City for 2 years (he was a stock boy). Lied about being a computer consultant. When I first met him he told me he's had bad luck with relationships and all his girlfriends cheated on him and they abused him. Basically was saying how he is a nice guy and wears his heart on his shoulders and he just wants a nice girl who won't play mind games and stuff. Apparently it's the other way around. His ex whom he has a kid with has a restraining order against him cause he is abusive (physically and verbally). His uncle said he preys on girls who are single and have kids cause he feels like he has power over them or something. He gets a girl interested in him and tells him he loves them after a week, has sex with them and then leaves them. And apparently he was texting the same thing to every girl. Saying how he missed her and wanted to kiss and telling her night sweetie.

I guess the thing that had me the most peeved was his uncle saw that me and him texted a lot, so his uncle told him he should tell me that he's talking to other girls and I'm not the only one. The guy was like, oh it's not like that.. we're just really good buddies. There's no relationship, there will never be a relationship. It's like, yeah.. we're just good buddies, yet you tell me you miss me, want to kiss me, text me 'night sweetie' and what not. On the other hand, I'm sitting here thinking.. well maybe he did just think we were friends since he never did kiss me (though said he wanted to after the first time we met), and never had sex with me, never tried to get close and touch me. He claimed he was shy, but his uncle said that was BS. Though he gave me a different impression.

I just sit here and go, "what the f***?" His whole life is a lie. I'm over here wondering, is the dude really 25? Is he really a guy? I mean, he lied about everything else.. why not lie about who he is completely. His own uncle even said he was a sociopath. I'm so relieved I found all this out when I did, but wow.. What on earth could make a person treat people like that? And lie about EVERYTHING? It just boggles my mind. He's sick.


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  • You're right about the sicko part.

    You will never be able to believe anything he says.

    That is, or should be, a show-stopper.

    At least you found out about him before you got serious.



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