What do you think of people with Histrionic Personality Disorder? Would you date them?

If you don't know what it is here's a picture &link if you want to see it clearer https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Histrionic_personality_disorder
What do you think of people with Histrionic Personality Disorder? Would you date them?
What do you think of people with this disorder? Do you just find them attention seekers? Would you date someone with this disorder?


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  • Hi Anonymous

    What do I think of people with Histrionic Personality Disorder? The same thing I think about anyone else with a health problem whether it be physical health or in the realm of mental health: they are dealing with a health problem that was not of their making, and one they may not be able to heal or manage without proper medication or treatment.

    There is a HUGE stigma around people who are suffering with mental health disorders. This is based on unfounded fears and unfortunately, extremely judgmental attitudes. People with mental health disorders are no worse than people dealing with physical disorders. Attitudes and perceptions are based on a lack of understanding and very misguided stereotypes.

    Would I date someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder? Yes, as long as they where receiving treatment and/or taking medication. People with mental health disorders who receive treatment can and do live productive lives with healthy relationships. Just like any other person, someone who has a physical disorder will find themselves dealing with physical symptoms which will interfere with their lives and relationships; so what's the difference really.

    I have a question for you: don't we all seek attention? Whether it be a friend, lover or parent?

    In life, attitude is everything, so keep it positive. Understanding and compassion for your fellow human being is good for the soul and you never know when you might need some yourself.


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  • I dated a girl a number of years ago who I believe had HPD. I did a lot of reading about HPD (and also BPD) after the relationship ended. There were so many signs and red flags that I saw but only understood much later. When we were together I didn't know what I was dealing with. I didn't understand the manipulation, the lack of a sense of self/identity, the fear of being alone, the constant need for attention, the shallow and excessive displays of emotion, the black and white thinking, the verbal gymnastics, etc. I didn't understand until later.

    • Aww :( you can't really be sure though, unless identified by a therapist..

    • That's one of the things that always had women running to the hills. I'd be up front with them, telling them I'm Bipolar, and they automatically assumed I'd be trying to drown her kid sometime in the future. They didn't care to know my disease is relatively under control; they just heard the dreaded word and it was case closed.

      I'd do that, however, to avoid putting someone through what you endured. I'm sure your attitude towards her would have been different had you known of her condition. It may not have ended up working out in the long run, but at least you would have had some reasoning behind some of her behavioral characteristics.

    • You're right; only a professional can diagnose HPD. But some of the professional articles and books I read contained examples of how, for example, a Histrionic will use certain speech patterns. In some cases things my previous girlfriend said were almost word-for-word the same as examples I saw in these sources. And also the push/pull dynamic, and the repeated efforts to contact me after she ended the relationship (which she did in about the worst way a person can do that). It only made "sense" (HPD sense) later.

  • If they were in therapy getting help, yes. I'm Bipolar I and am happily married to a wonderful woman who is also Bipolar with possible borderline personality disorder. We've both been getting professional help for over 10 years and while there's no magic pill you can take to become "cured" you can definitely improve the quality of your life and learn to change negative behavioral patterns.

    Oh, and at one point, both of us had doctors who discussed the possibility with HPD, but there was never a conclusion from either of them. However, it's a daily commitment to do your best to stay stable and also be aware of when your mind is trying to give you the runaround.

    • Aww :) bless, I actually suffer from HPD myself. I have been diagnosed but been putting off therapy as I can't afford it.

    • Well, therapy can be expensive, and then there's a matter of finding a doctor you're actually comfortable with. Also, like BPD, HPD is something that isn't well treated with meds and really requires cognitive therapy. However, there are many clinics that offer free or very affordable counseling to people in need of psychiatric help, and there are so many books, online readings and videos, you can do a lot of good working on your own. There are also support groups you can join online and around your town.

      You hang in there, okay?

  • Yeah, I'd date them. As long as this disorder doesn't make them more likely to cheat.

    • No, they just want attention, but they don't really have increased chances of cheating as they always believe relationships are way more deep than they really are

    • If they want a lot of attention from me only, then it'd actually be a plus for me

  • Probably not

  • if they have an interest in me then id have no problem with dating them

    • Would you be able to deal with all the characteristics?

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    • Aww that's nice (: they can change, through therapy

    • therapy isn't always good though as it can worse, i believe the best thing is friend and family support

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