Should I Keep talking to him?

so yesterday I text the guy I'm talking to about hanging out and that we need to talk face to face. He responded and yea we can do that and I told him I will let him know when I'm available to hangout. So me and him was texting this morning and I also mentioned that I am free to tomorrow after my class at 3:50 and he never replied back and that was 10:45am. So I'm starting to think he avoiding me but I do not know for sure. When I was driving to campus and I was in the campus parking lot I saw his car and we was in it and I know he saw me driving past and it looks like he was about to leave. But the thing is still not text he could of sent one before he left but no. I do not know what to do cause I been trying to see if still interested me and him no replying back makes think even more. I just need advice on what to do. Also if matters my age is 24 and he is 33.


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  • Keep talking to him see where it goes


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