Should I send him another message?

There is a guy I've been causally dating for 4 months. We both fancied eachother and I would say that he initiated about 60% of the conversations. We havn't spoken in 8 days, and I sent him nothing and made no effort to communicate because I was waiting for him to. Yesterday I sent him a message which I know he received but didn't open, and today I know for a fact he "ignored" it because he replied to a message my friend sent him. She says I should put aside my ego and send him another message, but I'm not sure if he will think I'm thirsty or if he will just ignore it again.
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  • I disagree with your friend. It's no big deal to send another message, but honestly, he's received your other ones and he'll contact you if/when he wants.

    It could be any number of reasons for his absence; he could have a family thing going on or something unrelated to you, or he could just have decided he wasn't interested. Either way, I think I would leave your messages as they are.


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  • Send one more and if nothing happens. I'd stop messaging him.


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