Did every guy who isn't alone, ask their girl out or make their feelings known?

Is that the only way to not be alone forever?
  • Yes they did, that's the only way to not be alone
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  • No they didn't, there are other ways to get a gf
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  • Yes they did but it's not the only way to get a gf
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  • No they didn't but it's the only real way to get a gf
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, there ARE girls who ask out guys, but due to social stigma, it isn't as common.

    I will tell you however that no one can like you if they aren't sure of your feelings. If you don't show them somehow or tell them, they'll have no reason to pursue you even if they wanted to.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Making your feelings known usually does not go over well


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  • Yes unless you found a girl whos more open, the man is expected to make the move. Girls aren't just gonna show up professing their love of you. You have to risk rejection and embarassment to get what you want.

  • I did. Scared the hell out of me to admit it, I got backed into a corner, but she didn't immediately shut me out.

  • I made my feelings known but at the time, it was really over before it had a chance to start so I didn't have a thing to lose. At least I sucked it up and she knew.

  • First time I asked her out, just friends.
    Second time she asked me out, just friends. A week later we knew we were in love.

  • How does she know you?

    • Through colleg

    • Ouch, that's difficult.(or maybe that's just me, my college is pretty strange)
      See if you can catch her somewhere alone for a while, after class or something?
      If you've known her for quite a while, pretty good chance she's no longer or never was interested in you.
      But then again, maybe she's one of those secret crush types, you probably know what she's like better than I do and you should judge yourself the best course of action.
      If you think it's too hard or awkward to ask her out though or something direct like that, see how she reacts when you smile at her or stare for a while, while you're talking, most girls that like you would probably start smiling themselves and blush.
      Go for it, what do you have to lose? Other than potential regret?

  • Rule No.1, if you don't ask you don't get.


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