Is love really not enough? Can someone fall in love and yet distance themselves from the person they love because of fear?

I used to think if you love someone you will do everything to be with them and thought love was enough but lately i've been seeing so many people being in love with someone yet being afraid of it and pushing the person they love away and sabotoging the realtionshp they're in and breaking up with the person they love because they are afraid of getting hurt and being in a reltionship. Has anyone ever expereinced this? Is love really not enough? Can someone really not want to be in a relationship with a person they've fallen in love with because of bad experiences in their past and fear of getting hurt?


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  • Yes, people sabotage relationships all the time. None of us were fortunate enough to have classes to enroll in at school that could tell us how to seek, create and maintain a healthy, stable relationship. Add self-esteem issues and typical human emotions, like jealousy, and we've got an instant game of trying to be happy while avoiding life's obstacles being thrown at us.

    People afraid for "being hurt" need to seek self awareness, because they're doing something to continuously attract bad relationships. The same goes with people who will be in a perfectly normal and happy relationship and destroy it by letting their insecurities and low feelings of self-worth creep in. Those are also people who could have spent more time learning to love themselves unconditionally and accepting themselves for who they are instead of seeking out someone who might make them happy.

    People need to be happy on their own before they can expect to be happy in a long term relationship.


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  • No and yes.


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  • I am sometimes thinking/ doubt that relationship has no future and will eventually end in divorce or endless arguing. Or this girl is not genuin..


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