I started seeing someone... what do I tell the guy I was supposed to visit?

I met a guy at a wedding last summer who lives across the country. He's come to visit me a couple of times and he's bought me plane tickets to come see him once. While we are apart, we only talk once in a while for brief amounts of time because he is very busy and we are not dating (we can see other people) which I am okay with. He bought me very expensive tickets to go visit him across the country next month as kind of a surprise (didn't really give me a chance to plan anything out). I had to make him switch the date because I couldn't do the one he picked but that costed him even more money. But, since my last visit, I met someone new and it's starting to feel more and more like a relationship and I just feel like it is immoral to go visit this other guy now, even though he spent like 1000 dollars on a non-refundable ticket (he can afford it but that is still so much money.) What do I do? What should I tell him?


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  • You're not the 1000 dollar man's girlfriend. Already have agreement that you're seeing others.

    No obligation to him at all. He's a big boy. Don't go. You'll lose the guy you like.

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • Be honest. Tell him you have started seeing someone in your own city


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  • Tell him the truth.
    "Don't come to my country. I met someone new and we are going to live happily ever after. Goodbye and have a nice life".


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