What should I do? I just found out he already has a girlfriend

I've been going out with this guy for about 4 months. One month into our relationship, he told me he was falling in love with me. We talked about future plans together and I've fallen for him too.

I recently got a phone call from a girl telling me she was his girlfriend. My heart just dropped.

We still talk and he still loves me and I still love him despite everything that has happened but I am not the type of girl who gets involved with guys who are already in relationships.

I am so confused. I know his current relationship with his girlfriend isn't going well either. Do I wait for him or am I just causing myself more heartache?

A little more detail to this situation is he actually lives with his girlfriend right now and I know he's looking to move out as soon as he can. I want to fight for him but I know I can't make him choose me and I don't ever want to be the third party.
He knows now that I know he has a girlfriend but I never talked to him about her calling me. I'm pretty sure his girlfriend told him though. She told me on the phone that she's suspected him of not being honest with her and he's mentioned me to her but only as a friend


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  • WHOA CHICK GET OUT FAST. If this guy really loves you he would've been honest from the start he sounds like a player.

    If he lives with her and is sick of her that means he wanna settle in different pastures move to a new territory. YOU. HONESTLY don't waste your time on him you can do better you ain't no side dish.

    FRIEND? HE CALLED YOU A FRIEND? F@#$kN B@#$%. He nearly got found out. Dump his ass and don't wait or fight for him. Make him come after you TRUST ME he ain't worth your time you would be just a rebound to him. Bit on the side.

    THATS SO NOT ON if he loved you you would be his MAIN HIS ONLY NO STRINGS ATTACHED. He got more than strings attached. HE A PLAYER YOU CAN DO BETTER HONESTLY


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  • He has been deceiving you and the other girl the whole time. He will continue to deceive you and he will continue to lie to you. Forget about him. If you let him move in with you, then he is likely to just live off of you and not help you pay the bills. Deceptive guys do that sort of shit. If you waste any more time with him, you are looking for trouble.

  • If he's not going to tell you that he has something going on with another girl, that is only telling you what will happen in the future if you continue to pursue/wait for him.


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  • Okay, so does he know that you know he has a girlfriend. Even after she called you, he still remains with her. Obviously, he want to have his cake and eat it too. I recommend not to wait for him. If he was still with her and trying to date you at the same time. That's just wrong. Which means he is going to do the same thing to you if you guys remained serious. Just get out while its still kinda early before you really get your heart broke.