Should I tell him how I feel even though... He has a girlfriend?

We're friends and we are all 17 (juniors). his name is Chris and his girlfriend jasmine dating for 1 year and a halg however I did not think he is in love. He told my best friend that sex is the thing that has kept them together for so long. Now I know he is a 17 year old guy and boys will be boys, however their relationship is pretty much dependent on sex. However I'm not willing to have sex with him and another one of my friends told me that as long as Jasmine s spreading her legs for him I will NEVER have him. Itt's like I have the emotional attachment to him and she has the physical attachment to him. I have had these feelings for a while now. I don't know if I should tell him because I want our fiendship to end and I don't want it to be awkward between us however it is killing me.

I'm trying not to think about him but trying not to think about him is like trying to defy gravity. it's like tripping over your own foot and not expecting to fall and I did. I tripped and it's like I fell into his ocean and drowned trying to swim in him.

I'm not saying he doesn't love his girlfriend but he's not in love with her ( he finds her attractive, they can hold a conversation only because he is a very social outgoing person and they have LOTS of sex.) ould that really e enough,? WHAT ABOUT LOVE? We definitely have a very strong emotional connection, something that him and his girlfriend do not have , should I say something and hang my heart over the fire or just pray and hope that they break up. And stick it out?
  • Tell him, You can't go on like this, You will regret the things you never did.
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  • No Way in HELL DO NOT tell him that, dont be a homewrecker
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He is taken , you can't get him.

    *Maybe the only way you can get him, is to directly have sex with him unexpectedly at this type of scenario every guy would say "yes", cuz it's a guy fantasy.
    in a peaceful place (so you could have time to talk to him after), not in a risky place.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Don't bother he is taken. You shouldn't get your feeling caught up in someone taken, put yourself in the shoes of the girl he is with. You wouldn't like if another girl came up to your bf and said that.


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  • You stick your finger in a relationship like that, you're gonna get a lot of drama. Find someone else.


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes and no. Tell him what you feel to get it off your chest but if he's taken you need to respect that. I voted B.

  • No, you'll get sucked into misery if you do so.


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