How do I get rid of his crazy ex/baby mama?

She's just constantly popping up. She's even moving back in with his parents?


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  • She owns his ass for 18 years. Why do you want to get in the middle of her beating the crap out of him, one dollar at a time over the next 18 years. Let her have him.


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  • I don't think she's crazy. He's making her out to be crazy. She's the mother of his kid (s) right? Then its obvious that she's going to seek contact with him. The fact that he's not been man enough to sort out the situation with her, suggests that he doesn't respect her. It may therefore indicate how he views women. This my friend does not bode well for you. If he was serious about you, he would pay the other woman full child support and maintenance, and play an active life in the child's life. Remember it takes two to make a baby, so he's not squeaky clean. Do yourself a favor. Leave him and find someone else before he starts saying your his other crazy baby mama. Its not worth it.


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