16/17 year old girls, would you date a guy who is 20?

Just 4 years age difference. Is that too much?

Most places around the world and even in the US it is allowed.

Why or why not?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, the age gap would be cool if I was in college but not as a high schooler, the stages of life are just too different. (Unless you're alex gaskarth i may reconsider...)

    • What if the guy looks younger and acts younger and is still a virgin? Still?

    • nope, the difference in stages of life is too much for me

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  • I would if I knew him really well. The oldest guy I've dated was 19 and that was a good relationship. We are actually still really good friends xP

    • I think relationships where there is age gaps (guy is a few years older) are better. Although, I only date virgins because I am one too. But virginity is not everything. Just one of many things I look for in a girl.

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    • I am sorry about that. And I totally agree. It is not like a wrinkly gray hair man going after a teen. It is only a few years apart.

    • Its not your fault and yea agreed

  • The real question would be, why does a 20 year old man want a 16 year old girl.

  • Im getting to know a guy who is 22 or 23 to see if we want to date, so no, its not weird at all =)

  • Yeah. As long as he's a good guy and we have a connection.

    • You are not a virgin though. But some other 20 year old would adore you.

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    • That can mean you lack attractive qualities. Although I do not know you personally to say that.

      It is like the girls who pursue me on a dating site instead of me pursuing them. Every time that happens, they end up not being my type. Because think about it, if they were really that attractive, guys would be pursuing them and not the other way around. They would not really have a need to be on a dating site and they could be as selective as they wanted because they get so many offers.

    • No he asked me out but he said he wasn't where he wanted to be with God so he didn't feel he could be in a relationship yet.

  • Oh hey look, it's hymen hunter.

    • I don't care about a hymen. It means nothing.

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    • Buffy the virgin hunter Huntress

    • Your comments indicate otherwise.

  • Well I'm about to turn 18, but the guy I like just turned 20. I say it's nbd

  • Damn! I voted wrong and I won't I am a minor.

    • But you are 17, that is completely fine. And stop obscuring my results

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    • Because it is nice to see girls waiting for once.

    • You would be lucky to find any girl, at any age who would deal with your attitude honestly.

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