Guys, sleeping with other girls, liking another?

Okay I know it's possible to have sex with out developing feelings for your sex partner, I've tried it with my friend with benefits. I know it's possible to have sex with someone and liking someone else, again I've tried it myself.
But now I'm in a situation that there is this guy who act like he likes me, (stares, overhear my conversations, hugs me out of nowhere, body turned towards me), but sleeps with a bunch of different girls.
I'm just wondering if I'm being lead on? If he really likes me? A part of a game? Or something else?
He only sleeps with these girls when he's drunk.


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  • Guys can have sex without emotion, girls almost always get some emotional connection during sex.
    Sex can just simply be entertainment. Something to do for pleasure and fun.
    Like when girls go shopping or to a spa... it's fun and pleasurable but there is no emotional connection to it. (It's a hard concept for women to grasp because unless you are capable of detaching yourself, you will always somehow make the act of sex more important than it is.)

    • Some girl can have sex without getting emotional connected. I'm one of them, it just has to be on my terms, which mean no kissing, no cuddling etc.
      However my question wasn't about if a guy can have sex without getting feeling for the girl. I know that from personal experience.
      My question is he act like he likes me, but when he is drunk he sleeps around. So I'm just wondering if I'm being lead on? If he really likes me? Am I a part of a game? Or something else?

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    • No we are not like that. It goes back to emotion.
      If we LOVE someone and have sex with someone else, we don't think of leaving, sex with the other person is just sex.
      If we are in a bad relationship and have sex with someone else, then we are more likely to move, because we were only holding on to the other until something else came along.

    • Wow, thanks for MH :)

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  • It sounds like he is just playing the field and not really interested in settling down.

    That being said, even if im dating a girl I like I will not stop sleeping with other girls until im sure its going to go somewhere.

  • He sleeps around with a bunch of girls, You sleep with your friends without any feelings. Seems like you two might be a good match.

    • That's 2—3 years ago pal. I feel you're judging me. But you characterize yourself on your profile as being old fashioned. Therefore I conclude you don't like the way I live my life and judge me. I'm from a very liberal part of Europe and have two very liberal parents, who raised me liberal. So where I'm from, having sex without having feelings for your sexual partner is normal and no one judge you for it.
      But that is the great thing about diversity, everyone is different and live their lives different. And no one judges them. Because who are you to judge someone you don't even know. :)

    • If you don't like opinions that might differ from yours, Then maybe a public forum is not the best place for you.

    • I got no problem with the opinion, but I didn't ask you if we would make a good match or not. I asked you, if I'm being lead on or If he really likes me? Or am I a part of a game? Or maybe something else?
      THAT is my question which you choose not to answer.

      I feel you are judging me, which you got no right to because you don't know me. Like I wrote I like diversity, I like different opinions because you get to see the world from another perspective. But I got a problem with judgmental people. And I will let them know I got a problem.

      So the problem isn't your opinion, it's the fact you are judging me and chose not to answer my real question and writes something I didn't ask about. I don't even like the guy. He's just being really weird. That's the reason I asked.

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