Recently, every time I drink I get sad and think about all the people I should make a mends with and the guy I will always love? why?

I can't ge thim out of my head when Im drunk and just get sad and cry about him. he's the first guy I loved and always will. We have been on and off for 5 years, never been in a real relationship but still, everytime I see him the way he looks at me still, amd always gets super flirty. But he moved across the country for work two years ago. Still hurts I miss him. But When Im sobber Im okay. I started seeing someone else but I feel I can't get over him.. especially when drunk..


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  • Sounds like you have some emotions you just tried burying deep down and resurface when drunk. Before you try to make amends with this guy. Ask yourself... Has he moved on with his life? ie married, serious GF? also, Are these Amends for you or him?

    • he has a gf now... i guess its more for me. But we bot hurt eachother. I did try to text him and just say i was sorry and if we could move on as friends, but feel thats not enough, its not in person

    • Leave him alone, sounds like you're doing this more for you than him. It comes off as a bit selfish. Hard to swallow but you don't always get to make things right in life or clear your conscious. Just move on and learn from it.

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  • Too many unresolved issues. Go deal with them.


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  • Hmmm. Never heard of a girl feeling like she needed to make amends.

    If you did make amends what might you do or say? What's stopping you?


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