I know my parents won't approve of the guy I'm dating, what do I do?

So this guy and I have been dating for not even a month but we've known each other for like 4 years and he wants me to come over so I can meet his family? Well anyways, just got back from hanging out with him and when I got home my dad said I smelled like beer? But I don't even drink so I told him "oh well that's weird, I wasn't even drinking I was just at Abbys house" and I start smelling myself trying to figure out what I really smelled like and I figured I smelled like the guy I was with, even though we didn't drink. And I mentioned that maybe my friends couch smelled like that and mentioned that she has a dog then he asked if I was dating and I told him I wasn't and then he asked if I'd let him know if I was ever dating and I told him yes and looked at him like duh, of course. But yeah I don't know how I'll tell them, he's the complete opposite of my ex, which they liked, he has tattoos and had gauges but he doesn't wear them anymore and he's Hispanic but he's really nice and I know this all sounds bad, he's also just doing carpentry. My ex was Italian/Irish and was a complete nerd and he's going to school and working Or at least that's the last I heard about him. He's my age (19). The guy I'm dating now is gonna turn 22. He did some college but decided to go into carpentry like his dad. This is the type of guy my mom always told me to not bring home, someone with tattoos and not doing much with their life. Guys I'm so fucked. Help.


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  • You're being paranoid. You can't really say for sure that your parents won't like him, until they have actually met him.

    In the worst case scenario that they don't like him, you don't have to bother because YOU are dating him, not THEM.

    • Yeah except my mom judges people by their looks and doesn't give them a chance and then she'll feed. my dad poison and my dad will try to scare him off. That's what they've done with my guy friends.

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    • How easy IS that?

    • How easy is what

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