Should I tell her I can't be friends with her anymore?

So there's this girl, she's one of my good friends friend. a few mouths ago i asked her out on a date by then we were friends for some mouths. she said yes, she was pretty distant the whole time and it was pretty clear the she didn't like me the way i liked her, we had great conversations it was just that she didn't want it to be a date. after that i didn't see her for more then a mouth. i saw her a handful of times again this mouth. i basically got over her when i didn't see her for awhile. but when i saw her again and talked to her everything i felt came back, i remembered why i cared about her so much. i tried to just be her friend but it makes me miserable to be around her and not be able to hold her in my arms :( so i realized that the only way i can get over her is to never see or speak to her again. which makes me very sad because she's one of a kind and if i could just like her as a friend i'd do it in a heartbeat just so i could be laugh with her, cry with her and have good times with her. BUT I CAN'T. it hurts too much to be around her and not be able to show her how i feel. so i dont know if i should tell her that i can't be friends with her and that it would be best if we never see eachother again for the reasons i gave. if i choose to tell her there's two ways i can tell her 1) right her a letter telling her why i can't be friends with her or see her again. 2) i can tell her in person, or not tell her at all?


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  • You don't have to be friends with someone you don't want to.
    And you definitely don't have to talk to someone who doesn't share your feelings.

    Just stop contacting her.

    You don't owe her an explanation. It's pretty self-explanatory anyway.
    And explaining that you can't be her friend seems excessive. She can't possible care thaaaaat much.
    Just leave.
    There's a whole world of potentially interested women for you to explore.

    • i dont want her to think that i hate her. she does care about me she went out on a date with me because she didn't want to hurt me. although i think she should've said no. she didn't want to hurt me so i dont want to hurt her by thinking i hate her.

    • You're at a point where you couldn't fathom maintaining a friendship with her where you know you could never be more.

      You have to leave either way.
      And nothing you say to her is going to change her mind short of becoming a different person.

      You're an adult. It's not like you have to see her at school. just phase her out quietly. You guys will grow apart and all will be copacetic.

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  • Yes.. Save youself.

  • I think you should definitely tell her in person. Tell her the truth also.

  • I think it might help you if you got all your feelings out in the open. Like closure


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