Girls, Is it bad if your GF never asks you how you day was?

Girls, Is it bad if your GF never asks you how you day was
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Kinda screwy how this only has one response


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  • I honestly have yet to have asked my boyfriend how his day was. We chit chat throughout the day and so I guess I just don't ask. That doesn't mean I don't want to know about his day, I just let him tell me about it without asking!

    But I feel like if we were dating longer than we have been I probably would because we're not always going to have stuff to chat about and won't always be chatting through the day.

    So I don't think it's a bad thing unless accompanied with bad vibes that make you feel uncared for!


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What Girls Said 5

  • A. My opinion is. If she doesn't ask you than she either doesn't care about you enough to ask how your day was or she's stuck up selfish who only thinks about herself and no one else.
    Or she just doesn't care what u do.

  • If you always ask and she never does, then it could be a bad sign because it shows she's not interested in you or your life or maybe she's self absorbed. It's concerning if when you first started dating, she always asked but now she doesn't.
    If you never really ask each other, it could just be that she never thinks to ask or doesn't feel the need to ask. I often don't ask people much questions, it's just who I am so it might not be personal. If you've recently started dating, you don't fully know her yet and that could be just one of those things.

    I would say, overall, it's not an entirely bad sign/thing.

  • Yes, she's selfish.

  • It depends. Doesn't she ask you any questions about your day or does she just not say "how was your day"?

  • I voted B, but I change my mind. If she never asks, it's pretty bad.

    • Does it mean that she doesn't really care about how my days way

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    • Yes. Every day

    • And she never reciprocates? That's weird. You could be like, "My day was fine, honey. Thanks for asking" sarcastically. I mean, you should try to bring it up and see what she says. Does she show you that she cares about you in other ways?

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