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i no you girls hate it when guys don't eva come upfront to talk to you but will rather text or IM online.There has been this one girl I have been too shy to talk too rite now I think I might have ruined my chances but we still friends thou.One day I IM on yahoo and texted her but she never replied me back and now she is ignoring all my msg online. Does she want me to grow sum balls and talk to her face to face or has she moved on?


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  • Alrite I'm going to help you here, but answer this for me, or yourself, have you both had some kind of history? Went on a date, kissed? And now I'm going to assume that there is a past, for now, and answer accordingly.

    -Girls don't usually get mad about IM's and text messages, they do like directiveness, but girls at the age of 16 girls aren't really aware that they want that, that often comes later, and with experiences, age etc. So my question now becomes, is there anything that someone could have said about you to her that perhaps upset her? Have you been talking to one of her friends, or maybe one of her friends said something about you to her? I ask this because girls don't blow off guys they are interested, (we don't do that) girls often buy their time and pray to God you boys come around, now as we get older, yes it changes, but as I said at 16, girls wait for you boys.

    -What you can do at this point- I had this guy once to something awful to me, him and I dated, we went on three dates, and there was this girl whom was always all over him, and I started hearing this from other girls, and my friends, and I also saw it for myself. Eventually, he ditched me for her. Later, she broke up with him and then the tables turned, and he wanted to date me again. (may I add that I was a stone fox, and he was a lucky fellow) anyways, he came running back, and I liked him, so I forgive him, and dated him off and on for years! The point I'm trying to make is that when you like someone they can do stupid things, but is doesn't change the fact that you like them. Now was I madder than hell? Yes! Did it take me awhile to even aknowledge him in the halls? Yes! But eventually, I got over it. My guess is, what you should do now, is apologize and just "Hey, look I just want to apologize to you if I did something that may have upset you, I'm sorry." Keep it simple, get to the point, and portray that you are concerned, and that you do care. Girls are forgiving, it may take awhile, but when we like someone, we stick it out.

    Anyways, it may be best to approach her in person however. Glad I could help you=)

    • She is actually 18 and we did not have a dating history, we only played the one sport we both love together.

    • At 18 its not much different, or at least it wasn't for me; it wasn't untill just recently (21 years old) actually where I have not been so forgiving, but yet again it has a lot to do with experiences I have had.

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  • If you two have been talking for quite some time and you can tell she likes you then, you totally need to step up.. by her "ignoring" your messages could mean that she has given up on you.

    An occasion similar to this happened to me, and trust you totally have to man up either way if she does like you or not. it'll be a good experiance.

    • What was ur occasion about, did you move on and let go?

  • She either hasn't checked her messages/checked them but ran out the door and didn't get a chance to reply, or she's playing games with you, or she's simply not interested in pursuing you.

    It's hard to say because every girl is different. I do know that I like a chase, however if I'm being pursued by someone I don't have an interest in a romantic relationship with then I run faster.

    You should give us some more information... Where did you meet? How long have you known each other? Does she show interest in other guys?

    • We knew each other for 2 years now and we both love playin the same sport. I don't no if she sees other guys but dis all started after her b-day. I think she was expecting me to give her sumthing because she gave me her numba and everything but I did'nt I only texted her happy b-day.

    • Why didn't you get her a bday present? even just as a friend?

    • Cuz I am a dumbass and wait untill the last min to do things and eventually did not have the time. Throuout the day I did not want to tell her happy bday because I got nothing 4 her so I just text her instead.

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