Why "some" Asian guys say that Asian girls like white guys because of the media?

If they are under-represented couples in the media and everything "compared" to others who have fewer couples? Are the most boycotted even being the most numerous, natural and always were considered normal at least since 2003 or 2005? Not only in the United States, always were the most common in the world?

But in fact this kind of couple has never been seen as two different races, exotic, and considered wrong or weird, always were a normal relationship like white girls dating white guys before the last years of hate and now have even mainstream boycott to make some people happy in their hate.

Is it so hard to see the generalization, hate and bias compared to what they do to support other couples?

The only type of couple that I see in the media, musics, everything in any propaganda most of the times are white women with other races and white men are just with white women in everything that I watch most of the time but I don't care, lol.

I'm just saying that blame the media is a lie because they artificially boycott this type of couple to please those who hate.

I see more propaganda, generalization, bias, news and everything trying to boycott, undermine and ruin relationships with white guys while I see support and propaganda to other guys with white girls.

Stop inventing conspiracy theories based on lies.

When you see some kind of couple like this, try to think it's just a normal thing, a normal couple, normal people who liked each other.

I think nobody cares about white girls dating Asian guys, do the same with Asian girls and white guys.

It's weird to me use this word "white guys" because I never thought in race for this type of couple, it was always a normal thing for me.

I just wanted to say this, do not need to respond to anything because I'm kind of embarrassed to have written it but I wanted to write.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I've seen plenty of movies featuring white guys and non-white girls
    but, I don't understand your question.
    Are you trying to saying media protrays as white guys going out with only white girls or that Asian girls like white guys because of this excessive portrayal or that the media only portrays the Asian girls as such?
    You need to clarify your question, it's very vague


What Girls Said 1

  • I'll admit, I'm Asian but I like white guys, especially the guys with celtic features... I actually posted an anonymous question before you lol.
    Yeah but many people criticize the white guy Asian girl relationships and even when I go out to an Asian store people like (the Hispanics or Mexicans going to that store the same day I went) wouldn't even LOOK at an Asian women. There's usually no eye contact , even among Asian men at the store with the women because I'm assuming that the Asian men automatically assume that most Asian women are unattractive so no need to 'check' anyone out. Whereas at the American stores they would be people checking out on people

    At any rate i don't quite understand what you wrote there... lol


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