I really like my friend but far too scared to tell her?

I really like my close friend I know if i tell her and she didn't feel the same it wouldn't ruin the friendship. Or i could try avoid her for a while untill the feelings slip. don't know whether to risk the friendship or keep going as it is now which when she finds another guy Ill hate seeing them together. I would say there's about a 30-40% chance she likes me. I mean one time she tried it on with me when we were spooning but i didn't respond as i really didn't know what to do it took me by surprise and this could of just been because she was drunk so i wouldn't say she likes me from just that... How can I maybe tell her without straight up saying? any advice on this situation would be helpful.


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  • I had the same dilemma you're in with a long time friend of mine I knew from high school through college and beyond. I ended up telling her how I felt, but she always insisted she didn't feel the same way as I did. It didn't hurt our friendship at all.

    I think had enough time gone by, you never know, but I moved out of state, she ended up marrying a really nice guy and now I"m happily married. In fact, we lost touch with one another, but not because of anything other than just time away and our lives getting in the way.

    If you feel strongly about this, I think you should tell her, but also make sure she understands your friendship with her is very important, and she shouldn't feel any pressure in telling you the truth. If she doesn't feel the same as you, it'll sting a bit, but don't hold that against her and appreciate her honesty. I'm sure she probably already knows you must have feelings for her, as people can usually sense when another person has a higher interest beyond being just friends.

    Good luck and don't worry.


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  • You have to let her know, it's not fair to her or yourself. Why I refuse to be friends with a women I'm attracted to.

  • Just try to initiate sex with her.

  • Don't tell her. Life goes on.


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