My boyfriend will like my gift?

So we've been dating about 5months and his 18th birthday is next week he really likes meaningful things so i wanted to get him a ring with a hidden message inside it like the one in the picture so you as boys will you like it or i should get him something else?
My boyfriend will like my gift?


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  • I say no way! Rings are for engagement only. Give him that ring only if you mean it to be like you are "engaged to be engaged"

    • we are looking to get engaged after high school so..

    • Okay then might be good! Good luck

Most Helpful Girl

  • That's a bit much for only being together five months.

    • i feel you on this dudette!

    • But we knew each other for a long time and we are looking for a long term relationship not for having fun so..

    • You can always get it for him later. It might freak him out now. I'd suggest you get something for a fun date (concert tickets, etc.) before buying him jewellery.

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