Do you think he is interested in me still?

I been talking to guy for little while now and I am not sure if he likes me or not. When the first week me and was talking we hang out and I thought everything was fine. The next week things changed he seem distant and uninterested in me. But from our mutual friend he has been busy catching up with school and one week he was sick. Also he spend the weekends wit his son which cool, so when he has son I would text him he hardly text which understandable he is with son he comes first. But I can't help to think when the first week we were talking he would text really quickly eve though he has son with him, so I do not know what had changed. From I remember also our mutual friend said he wasn't sure if he wanted a relationship or just be friends since he is till affected with his passed relationship with son mother. So week I texted him and ask hey lets hangout and me and you need to talk face to face and he agreed to it, and when I said the why he was texting it was like he was excited to hang out, it seem like he more interested in texting. So when I told the time I was free to hangout he never texted back until today this morning telling me he heading to hospital because he Nephew is having emergency surgery and I told him I okay everything is okay and if you need to talk I am here and hour later he texted back say Thanks. I know he as a lot of things going on and people are telling me to be patience with him and I do not know if I should keep talking to him because I do not know if he interested in me or not anymore and I was going to talking to him when hangout but plans changed its like there is always something I just need advice. and If it matters my age 24 and his age is 33
I really need help on this


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  • Sounds very familiar to a situation I was in. Pretty much the same thing, actually. It means he's not sure he's ready. He wants to be ready, but he just isn't and that's why he's sending mixed signals. Don'g get stringed along and just cut your ties. You can always tell him that when he's ready he can contact you and you'll see where you guys stand, but don't waste your energy. Right now you're in a place where one of you wants something the other person can't give. It's not fair, but true. The best thing is distance.

  • If he isn't making any effort at all to hang out, I'd say he isn't interested.


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