How do I get a little closer to a that guy?

So there's this guy I kinda like. We go to college together and now work in the same company too. I guess I would ask him out but I wanna test the waters a bit more, because I never get any kind of reaction out him. I know he IS quiet but I just don't really know if it's that or if I'm annoying him. No one has ever not reacted to me, so idk?
So I'd just like to get know him a bit more, but I don't know how to do that? I don't want to interrupt his work and I eat lunch with my team. And well that leaves facebook but I wouldn't know what to say?


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  • maybe ask him out when u r LEAVING from work?

    • no as I said I don't want to ask him out right away. And no, so far we've never left at the same time

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