Guys, Would you date this type of girl? Im a dark brown hair girl with big brown eyes, I have an upbeat personality but I weigh 290 pounds?

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  • I have a cousin who fits this description and is one of the funniest, smartest, nicest, and prettiest girls I know. (in a non weird way, of course.) She's always fun to be around, and I'm guessing that you're no different. The only problem is your self confidence. You need verification on the Internet of who would date you? F**k that! You should be able to accept yourself for who you are! Sans-Internet! There's a person waiting for you. They may be too shy out too far away to make the move, but you can step up and do it, too. Don't forget that while you can find 100 things wrong with you in the mirror, other people can find 100000 things that they appreciate about you. Never forget that! 😉


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  • i Actually seriously love those traits. but my favorite is super dark hair with LARGE darkeyes. If your eyes are like DARK brown then there u go, u got my heart. However, i'm not fan of huge weight since im a fitness guy and like healthiness. If i ever saw you i'l probly find you really beautiful but will want to do whatever i can to help you get a more healthy weight, but i will be too shy to tell you that you need to lose weight.

    • I forgot to mention that there are guys who seriously LOVE big size. But i'm just not one of them.

  • Weight shouldn't be a deal breaker if the person actually likes you! I've dated bigger girls, smaller, older/younger... but like a few of the posts... it is an unhealthy weight, and u should simply consider just changing ur eating habits... but to answer your question, yes i would date that "type" of girl!

  • Weight is such I superficial thing that honestly I wouldn't even care, but the only problem I'd have is your own personal health. Having that much is a huge burden on the body, but still I'd try to work with you like doing things as a team. Maybe working out together or both of us changing our eating habits.

  • I'm sorry, but no, absolutely not.

    You weigh fifty pounds more than me, and I'm overweight.

  • Sorry but no I wouldn't. I could be friends with you but I wouldn't be attracted to you.

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