Cutting Off All Contact?

Since I started college back in January, me and this girl became friends fast, and I've developed feelings for her. We hang out all the time at school and we've hung out at her place, we just watch netflix nothing romantic or anything, we chat a lot on facebook too. She always mentions dates she goes on and guys she likes and it kinda bothers me because I've never been on a date before and I have a crush on her, I highly doubt she has any romantic feelings for me.

So my question is should I cut off all contact abruptly before the friendship gets any further? I've thought about quitting school to fully get away and because of my own anxieties but she always wants me to stay in school when I mention to her that I`m thinking about quitting (she doesn`t know the real reason I want to leave) but I want to cut off all communication quickly (facebook, getting a new phone number etc) to spare the heartache and I feel like she probably wouldn't care if I did cut off contact
More answers for this please, I really need it


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  • You don't know if she has romantic feelings for you? Ask her then, ask her on a date

    But if she says no and you don't think you'll be able to be friends with her then yes cutting all contact is the best way to go


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