In your experience what is the best way to introduce or initiate the exclusivity talk?

and then how would you proceed? I've been seeing this girl for a couple of months we get on great and broken the touch/kiss barrier though I don't want to have this conversation for a little while longer I just want find out what other people have tried and get the most unawkward execution possible.


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  • huh. Interesting. In my book the exclusive dating comes pretty soon after a kiss on the lips. Otherwise it's just.. "you're kissing other guys?" But I'm old fashioned too.

    Not sure if it'll help, but I just bring up the talk sometime when we're alone together in a private location, maybe on the couch or at the table. Just something like, "I want to see you exclusively.." You could make it fun/funny, too. Say you're giving her a backrub & just chatting, say something like, "I know you're completely head over heels for me, so I thought I'd be generous and let you date me exclusively." Notice how that wording technically only means SHE'S exclusive? If she picks up on that, you can play the joke even further. Then you know you've got a fun girl on your hands.

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