Does he like me or am I overthinking? He has a long distance girlfriend though?

They don't really talk that often, and last I heard he doesn't even know if they're dating since he hasn't tslked to her in over a week. However when they met one time it was obvious that he liked her.
but also I think he might like me because he has:
1. Tickled me
2. Looks me in the eyes at all times when we're talking
3. Playfully touches me
4. Says my name when we're talking
5. Sits by me when he gets the chance
6. Makes jokes and try's to make me laugh
7. He asked me if I wanted him to stop joking all the time
8. Says hi to me in the halls
9. He stuttered around me and pointed it out
he does stuff like this on and off. Say three days he'll do it three days he won't. Half the time im so sure that he likes me, other times I doubt it all
i really like him but I am terrified to tell him or let him know... How can I let him know in a nonawkward way. How do I flirt? I get nervous around him.

Also so hat one girl he's now with, he wouldn't ask her out, she asked him. He doesn't talk about her either, at least not around me.


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  • If he has a girlfriend, he shouldn't be acting that way around you even if he does like you. So for now you should probably just assume he doesn't like you.


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