Am I cocky confident or just weird?

I think I'm a great guy. I would be an amazing boyfriend focusing on making my girl happy. I'd want to share everything with her and be honest. I wonder why girls don't see this. I feel as though there has to be something wrong with me if they don't a guy who would love and appreciate them. I also like who I am and would never change but wonder if others like me. I want to meet the person I can love and be my full self around. I think Id be the best guy for her and want to make her so happy. Is wrong to think this way is it cocky and arrogant or something else?


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  • You're confident, which is good, but you also look like a fat, old lady, and that's what keeps you from getting the girls.

    • Thank you for your honesty

    • what on earth? How could you say something like that? You know, I am also an admin,
      I won't block you, but this is your first warning. Offend a fellow user two more times, and your account will be removed.

    • We all know you're not a moderator. Chill out, girl.

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  • Girls don't see it because girls are attracted to traits and characteristics in men that are defined as mutually understood, but are actually different.

    We can come to a consensus as to what "nice" means. We can also come to a consensus as to what "treating her right" means. Be respectful, and treat her like a sentient being. Give her gifts and your love. That's what we agree on when we use this language, but that's not everything. If you're the nicest, most respectful man she's ever met, you're a great customer service representative, but have no sex appeal.

    What matters is how wet you make her coochie. That's it. That's how the most vile, inbred fucks manage to reproduce although they don't succeed with all women for socioeconomic reasons. That's how nice guys who follow the book don't get any play, in spite of having the best intentions in the world.

    The bottom line is, being nice is par for the course, and you need to make her genitals FEEL something. You do so by being a testosterone driven man that shakes the cage and looks like he can lift things, particularly HER, so you can FUCK her.

    Unless you're confident in that regard, girls are not going to be as confident in your boyfriend skills as you are.

    • And this is where the paradox occurs. Because if we show even a little but too much of this girls brand us creeps or perverts. I know for a fact that I would eventually be able to fully meet my girls sexual need. It would just take time to explore and map her body. But hey I guess they are the ones missing out.

    • They call you a creep or pervert because they are sexually attracted to you. If you were sexually attractive, you wouldn't be a creep or pervert. You'd be a flirt that is turning them on.

    • are not sexually attracted*

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  • I think that you need to be a better man, and realise, that the girl is made to make YOU happy. NOT the other way around. If you have an attitude that you'll make HER happy, you'll never make any girl happy. Because a girl wants to be with a guy, that feels like she already is happy. She wants to be the one, to make HIM happy... so sir, you really should change your attitude

  • You sound like a good guy.. some girls take awhile to mature and see the guys who will treat them well

    • Aww thanks that's really nice. I hope other girls think I'm a good guy. I really want to meet someone

What Guys Said 2

  • No that's being confident. Saying hey babe I got all you need is being cocky and being a retard. However there is a fine line between cocky and confident.

  • I think you're confident about yourself but still too shy to show girls who you are.

    • I think you are spot on thank you. I never would have to describe my situation that way.

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