Why is it we always want people who don't want us and people who want us we don't want?

You never win.


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  • I think it's because we delude what we want into being overly superficial or we have standards that aren't realistic in comparison to what we ourselves have to offer.

    It's like a mole being in love with a lion: sure, the lion could love the mole if it has something of equal or greater value to offer the lion in their relationship, but if all the mole has is dirt and worms... the lion will find a partner that can offer them what they want/need.

    • Thanks, now I know I'm a mole. Lol

    • Nah, I bet you're much more than that. But a lot of the times we focus on the x-y and z of what we want and neglect what we need, and often block out the truly caring individuals who could have made us happy is my point. We also strive for too much fluff when all we need is a bit of fuzz. :P

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