Guys are confusing, I need help?

So I've liked this guy since December and I don't know where we stand, let's call him 5. So I think 5 likes me but I sometimes just don't know. He is always touching me and has complimented me and stuff. We talk pretty often IRL but I don't have his number or anything. He seems sheepish when I'm around and nervous. He is always inserting himself into the conversation. One time 5 was like tickling my waist and another he ran his finger down the crease of my back. I like him so much especially his personality, but it's not going anywhere! What to do?
Oh also we only talk at school


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  • You gotta go on the offensive. So far you've just been an enabler. Give him a reason to make a move.

    • I've talking to him on Instagram and in real life. I don't know

    • Actions speak louder than words. Flirt with him. Do something overtly obvious. To send a clear message.

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  • Well he definitely seems attracted to you but he might not be romantically interested. Does he seem to flirt with a lot of girls?


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  • My opinion is that he likes you but he is also shy and is scared to ask you out I would try and get his number or anyway to contact him and just talk to him for a while before you ask him out or anything. My thing is to just tell the person I like them but If that makes you uncomfortable them don't do it. If he seems like he always has to be touching you and he says random stuff to just start a convo with you I think he likes you

  • Ok.. so what's the question?

    • What do I do because it's not going anywhere. I really like him and I'm pretty sure he feels the same but I'm too shy to ask him out.

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    • make sure you touch him subtly, and tilt your head when you talk to him. He'll get the hint and if he doesn't make a move on you its cause he doesn't want to. Now gimme MHO I want to buy something on amazon.

    • I tried but it said in needs to be up for 24 hours before I can

  • Make a move and ask for his number.


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