Is this weird? or is it okay?

pretty much ever since my boyfriend start school and police school he hasn't had as much time. we mainly hang out when he gets on the weekdays. prob once or twice a week. the problem is he gets out at like 10 pm. so we hang out from then until maybe 2-3 am. sometimes we have sex, sometimes we don't. I've told him I don't want our relationship to turn into late night sex. he said it isn't. I mean we do spend time talking. I think we are planning a date soon

should I be understanding because of school right now? or no


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  • If his police school ends at 10pm, and he comes straight over, I'm not sure what you're complaining about.


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  • Yes, definitely be understanding and supportive. He can't help it that his schedule is crazy because of his job.

    If he was not making any effort to see you, then you would have a problem. But he is coming over after his classes get out! He must be a superman if he has enough energy to visit you after working until 10 pm! I sure couldn't do that.

    I know it is tough right now to deal with the demands of his schedule, but it won't be like this forever. Police school will end eventually. Everyone has demands on their time, so try to be understanding. Remember that you might have kids one day and then you'll probably be too tired for sex most of the time until they start sleeping through the night! So try to be understanding and supportive. The more supportive you are, the happier you will both be.

    I think you sound very lucky to be with a guy who is working so hard to improve himself and get himself trained for a profession. For now, try to deal with your guy's crazy schedule as best you can, without complaining. It will pay off eventually because he will appreciate your support and your relationship will be stronger!

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