Girl doesn't want to talk about it does it mean she's not ready to talk about it yet?

One of my female friends said there has been some changes in her relationship with her boyfriend but she doesn't want to talk about it. I respect her wish, but in experience she eventually tells me what it was.

I wonder if she got engaged and not ready to announce it or does it mean bad news?


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  • Sounds like she isn't ready to talk about it. Give it some time. When she is ready then she will. If she doesn't then just let it be. Don't pressure her to talk about whatever she has going on.

  • Just wait and hope for the best

    • What does "i don't want to talk about it" normally mean though? I know he was making advances way too fast and she complains about it.

    • That it's probably pretty private and she doesn't want people to know^

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