Movie Date! But how do I approach cuddling?

So this guy I met last week asked me out and I said yes. We are going to go to the movies and hang out (icecream or coffee, something). The problem is its an action movie how do I approach him on cuddling on this movie? Many people suggest to watch a horror because it makes cuddling and flirting easier, but I need the help. Thanks!

I wnat to thank you guys for the opinions.


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  • Right before the movie starts, like when the lights are dimmed just slip your arm under his so your holding it and rest your head on his shoulder! Either this or he will make the move and put his arm around you :)


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  • When there's a really gory scene, whisper in his ear "this shit turns me on" and grab his dick.

  • Just do it

  • Move that fucking partition arm rest and lean in. A goofy or spooky movie would be better. But its not like he's gonna be like "stop babe, i came for the movie, not your cuteness!"


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