Why would a guy have a problem with the term girlfriend?

Been dating bf for 9 months. He calls me his lady friend and said he doesn't like the word gf because of bad experiences in his past. what did he mean by this? why is the word gf such a scary thing for him?


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  • In formal circles the word girlfriend translates into unpaid prostitute. In many countries it is a violation of Moral Turpitude and with The USA the word can remove a woman;s visa status. The USA will only issue a fiancee visa for women if they say the word boyfriend.

    The word girlfriend carries a nasty meaning for people who know.


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  • He doesn't want to take your relationship seriously because he was wounded in the past and now he's scared.


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  • He's not looking for commitment.

    • Thanks for your answer. You're right:( he told me he's raid of being in a relationship

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    • At what point during you guys dating did he tell you that?
      If he said it early you should have foreseen this... if he said it recently then it's unfair that he dragged you along.

    • After 3 months of datinglBut he treats me like a gf. We are pretty much in a committed relationship and we are not not seeing other people. I know deep down he wants a relationship but he's scared to get hurt. He told me all relationships end. So he has an unhealthy view on relationships. Thank you for your feedback!

  • I'd take him at face value.


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