How do I get my bf attention?

Ever since I got him a ps4 he been playing all day. Like now it's late and I just want him to stop playing.


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  • I'd say he'd only change if you have a serious talk with him about it. Gamers usually have some amount of time they're used to devoting to it and more if they get a new game. Gaming is probably several times more interesting to him that it might seem to you.

    • What I'm partly trying to say is that you shouldn't take it as an insult or anything.

    • Yea but seriously this call of duty crap is pissing me off. I mean I tried playing it myself but I always die

    • Yup, that game's addictive once you get good at it and it turns into more like a sport. Also, I think the game designers made use of natural human laziness by making the default be to play another round when you finish one. Quitting requires you to go through several menus and loading screens.

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  • You bought him a ps4? You brought this on yourself.
    Anyway, get naked in front of him.


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  • Oh girl, you are so naive if you think you can actually wrap his mind out of that game. I had a boyfriend like that, he played so much that he forgot about me time to time. It was so annoying but I kind of understood him. If he starts ignoring you then do the same with him. He'll come around.

  • 1) Seduce him to get his attention on nothing but you.
    2) Sit him down and give him a serious talk and try to compromise with him.
    3) Steal his games temporarily.
    4) Play on the ps4 with him.

    • I tried seducing him but he said when he's done I'm all his but I can't wait any longer ugghhh. I tried talking to him but one ear comes in and out the other ear. I even hidden his games but he just gets mad about it looking for it like crazy and making a mess trying to look for it. Plus he only has one controller :( and I always die on call of duty

    • Oh wow you really tried a lot of things lol. You can always just suddenly cry and hope to god he's the most loving boyfriend ever and realize he should cut down on gaming and spend time with you :3 or threaten him. Or buy a game you can play.

    • Crying does do something. I have cried but then I feel guilty about it.

  • Shake your ass in his face.


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