Girls, how you attracted in guys looks?

You, girls love personality, but how you attracted over guys looks? what do you like in good looking guy?


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  • Most girls with an actual heart wouldn't be interested in with the way you look wether you are cute are not, she would be focused on your personality. Just remember that

    • why it is happening? can you explain how?

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    • mmmmm. that is why i love women

    • Haha

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  • Not the typical pretty boy type. I hate guys who look like models. It's such a turn off.
    Give me something real. I mostly focus on hów they look at me and how they smile and how they walk.
    I also happen to really like blonde guys with blue eyes. No idea why :)

  • Beautiful eyes, a defined jawline, nice cheekbones, soft perfect lips... Lol everything! Give me everything. But I really do focus on personality furreals.

  • I like a clean cut guy. The most important thing for any guy is to be well groomed and dress well.
    Nice clean haircut, I like muscular guys- not sure why but I like a strong chest, face most girls aren't fussy with but just a handsome face- clean shaven, nice smile
    But personality really is more important. I've met some very good looking guys and have not been the slightest bit interest because of their personality
    And also met guys who I wasn't physically attracted to at first but became very attracted to after talking to them


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