Do I tell him how I feel? What do I say?

Went on date in Aug. Chatted for 2 weeks, met up, had a good time. 2nd date, asked me to a party, said I could stay at his, I said no. He suggested to cook me dinner, lassie no. Thought he wanted an easy lay. I suggested we go out in public for few dates to know him better. He lives an hour away, suggested we could go out where he lives. He said he had to work. I suggested that we go to a drive through movie which he said sounds good but then we lost contact. He thought I wasn't interested or didn't trust him, he can be stubborn.

We talked in Oct, why it didn't work. He can't date, needed work & moved in with parents. He didn't have money to date.

Month ago get message "How far away from X do you live?" Told him not far, asked why. He said he's got new job working at X. I joked "What am I supposed to do with that info?" He thought it would make meeting up easier. Replied "I thought you weren't ready for a gf for like next 9 months?"

It was his bday last week, wished him HB, asked how job was going. Rest of message
A: We gonna meet up?
Me: We can do.
A: Good. We can meet after work maybe some time.
Me: That would be nice.
A: Good. You tell me when.

He messaged on Sat. I went to theatre & met fave actor who looks like him, messaged me saying "Do I look like him now you've met him in real life?"I flirted, said little bit but glad he's taller.

Messaged him on Sunday "So how's Tuesday or Thursday for you?" No reply. He's busy, his sister is ill & Sunday's are family so read my message but was preoccupied.

He's looking for marriage. We've spoken about what happened & can date now he works close to me. He might be preoccupied which is why he hasn't replied, he's stubborn/proud, don't think I've been the easiest person playing it cool.

I'm not desperate, don't want to waste time. I like him. I want someone serious who I can be myself with and goof around. There must be a reason why we're still talking?

Do I tell him how I feel? Tips? Don't want to scare him.
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  • Let him contact you.
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  • Just text him casually to see how he is.
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Just bumping this up...

Really need advice on what to say if I do.

FYI, we are nit in a relationship. We went on one date in August and have kept in contact. Only recently, last month did h suggest about meeting up.

I just want to get it together, move it along, I don't want to waste any more time...


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you are in relationship, that cannot continue if you don't talk to him about that.
    Now, the problem, from what I understood of the story (I'm French), is how and when do that. If your finger are allright, you can send him by text, either, you mightsend him a text to meet him.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell him how you feel. In this case you will know if he is serious about you. If not, don't waste time on him.


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  • let him message you then tell him


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  • Let him reach out to you


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