Will this "FWB" turn into something more?

It's been a year now since me and this guy started hooking up. We met off of Tinder and that night we got together and hooked up. Thinking it was going to be a one night stand.. it didn't. We started seeing each other 2-3 times a month consistently, and he initiated most of the time to hang out.

At the end of October we randomly stopped talking to each other for no reason - I wasn't hearing from him. Then throughout Christmas break he contacted me again in hopes I remembered him and wanted to still hang out.

But mid way through January I told him I started seeing a new guy (which was true, and this guy wanted something serious), so I told him basically we're gonna have to stop.

A month goes by, and my "fwb" contacts me again asking if I still want to see him. Basically the guy I was seeing broke it off will me so I started seeing him again.

When he texts he'll be like "What are you doing tonight? :)" and make time around my schedule to hang out. And now he starts calling a little more (I keep the conversation short and straight to the point). We hung out last night and went to a restaurant to share some appetizers- It wasn't expensive and he offered to pay for it. We also tend to talk a lot when we hang out so we know stuff about eachother.

I brought up the one year thing and he hasn't really reacted to it thought besides that it's hard to believe. But whenever I talk about the future or what not, he casually replies as if he's going to be there for me and help me out, etc.

I THINK we kind of like each other, but it's been a year now... We just never seem get bored of each other. And I don't want to bring up "the talk" first. I mean, this can't last forever? What should I do


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  • Just bring it up, what's the worst that can happen.

    • That he won't feel the same.. I'm worried about ruining a good thing

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    • Yeah definitely. That stuff's just hanging out at the very least. Go for it, doesn't it feel exciting? Life's fun!

    • Alright great next time I see him I'll let you know what he says :)

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  • Seems like it was bound to happen.


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