Would distance stop some guys from getting to know a girl/ get more serious?

I feel because when we started talking and hooking up, he knew I was going back to school and thats what held him back. But I will be back home for good in two weeks, he knows that. Also when I was home for the holidays he was very persitent and asked me out on dates, even when I would come home for a weekend he would insit on meeting up when I was out with friends and would meet us. He also told me I was a cool girl to habgout with and he thinks we really hit it off. He just texted me 2 days ago saying he misses having me in town and planned a date for the day Im home.


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  • Yeah. Distance would always be a problem for me anyway.


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  • Yes, it would stop some guys from being more serious and getting to know someone but if he really likes you it won't stop him at all. I met my boyfriend several months ago I lived in Idaho and he was in Florida we met a couple times then I moved to TN. Now we only live 8 hours away from eachother and are dating so anything is possible.

    • I feel he does like me, but the distance had put him off. Hoping things change when Im back in town with him

    • It sounds like he likes you and I hope the best for you! :)

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  • Yeah distance can be a problem for many guys. Whiny bitches, "I always have to see you..."


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