How to play the dating game?

Long story short. I met this girl got her number we talked 3 times through text fir about 40 mins each time. I invited her to hang out she said she eas busy with a friend. here's the thing. She told me she was single but i saw her at the bar dancing all night with a guy that she came with. So im guessing she likes him?

Any suggestions on how to get her to like me? Or i guess my question is. Do women like guys that fight for them? Or does that annoy them? Cause i was thinking about giving up but also she gave me her number which is something right? Helpp!


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  • Hey Anonymous! Congratulations on getting her number! Don't give up, don't let your heart sink, this girl might be on the market and is looking at the market herself for potentially lots of guys to do a date with, test the waters and see which she likes. Hmmm, if I was a guy, I'd ask her out on a date. If she says she's busy, out with her friend, shoving a vibrator up her twat or eating a sandwich, accept that and ask when she will be free. If she makes arrangements with you to do a date then backs out, ask when to reschedule. If she knocks you back 2-3 times, she's no longer interested, or have her number to you either drunk, unsure, or thinking about other guys and where you'd stack up in the line of choices. Tough competition but don't worry about that, worry more about being awesome. If she doesn't show interest, be awesome pursuing somebody else who can be awesome alongside you. Will it be her? Only you can put it to the test and see how things fare up. Maybe keep me posted what happens. All the best and remember to stay cool as a cucumber, stay courageous like a lion! :)

  • Depends on the girl some loves guys fighting over her and some dont... but maybe you should make sure she doesn't like no one and if she doesn't thats ur chance to snatch her before someone else does because for all u know that buddy of hers could just be a friend


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