Why don't women approach?

Some people are sauimg like below
Girls are shy (some guys also shy)
This is some what ok
This are so nasty
Girls have fear of rejection (is that means guys need to be reject by gorls)
Girls think it is confident if the guy came (totaly covering and do you have no comfident)
It is a guy thonk (bull shit)
We got many slaps have we ever slaped any girl for proposimg but you did and still says you need to come.


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  • Some women do. Others don't approach for the same reasons that some guys don't approach.

    I don't approach because it isn't my preference and I can gauge a man's confidence and a few other things based off of him simply walking up to me. I respect a man who can do that.

    • You are expecting men to approach you because you will we his confident then before he approaching what he have to see is it your boobs

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    • I have approached a guy once. It's not something I'm into and I won't ever do again. Common sense. Many women are approaching guys and many men have stopped approaching. That is their choice.

    • Why don't you approach again others

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  • do women actually slap men just for approaching them in real life? I doubt it. I've only ever seen that in movies.

    • I saw many video in yt

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    • I never approached STRANGERS because I'm shy and have always been told guys don't like it. I know now some do and hopefully I can work up the courage to start doing it myself soon. rejection doesn't worry me. if it happens it happens, whatever.. I have made the first move on guys I already knew. in general, male or female, strangers just scare me. I can't help it. ;/

    • O... I support girls if the are shy

  • I can't make heads or tails of anything of what you are trying to say or ask... try asking with better formed questions so people understand what you are asking and can give an opinion.

    • Why guys to approach girl always

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    • I've done both... I have asked guys out and then there were a few that I liked, but was too afraid to ask out mainly because I didn't know enough about them. They were quiet and didn't talk much there fore didn't reveal much about themselves. I wasn't going to ask a guy out just based on looks because then I would be stuck in a boring relationship if we didn't have much in common. So it's not just because the woman may be lacking confidence. The guy might be shutting them out by not sharing basic information about himself.

    • Ok you are saying that I don't about them well then the same thing will run for guys too

  • Not all guys are the same. A girl who think smart about her moves would have to make good calculated low risks before approaching.

    • I'll will not approach if he is:

      (Here's my check list)

      1. Autistic
      2. Suffering from multiple mental illnesses
      3. Drug or weed takers
      4. Too much tatts
      5. Very untidy looking
      6. Has a stench lingering from 3 feet away from me
      7. Unfriendly face.

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    • in class, I did just that.

    • O
      That was nice

  • English my boy do you speak it?

    • I know you can read at least but any way
      Why always men have to approach girls is do you have no confidence or what

    • i no u is smart enuff to figure out on own

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  • They want equality except when going back to gender roles makes life easier for them.

  • A hard read. But to answer the question: Tradition says men should man up and ask because we're men, it's stupid and I've had girls talk to me first so it's not a 'rule' as such.

  • i'm sorry i couldn't interpret this well. but from what i could understand, the answer is: Gender roles

  • Simple

    Men want pussy, and women have pussy...

    • That means girls are sex toys and not humans

    • If you came to that conclusion after reading my opinion... Then yeah, sure...

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