I don't know what to do?

My boyfriend has been kindof distant to me lately. When I ask about it it's not my fault it is something else. But he hardly talks, and when he does he is usually sweet but when he isn't saying anything cute he is just giving me answers i can't do anything with. I just don't know if i should be worried or not. Because if i ask him he is like: "Seriously do you still think that?" And there might be nothing going on but I am the one that feels like shit because of his behavior. I just don't know what to think in this situation because he tells me he loves me every day and that im the best thing that happened to him but i just don't get why he hardly talks because it makes me feel weird. I just don't know what do and I would really like your opinion on this matter.


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  • Anyone can just say that. "Oh I love you so much" "you're the best thing that has ever happened to me"... Etc. Words are so extremely easy to put out so you should never rely heavily on them however actions on the other hand is what counts, by observing his actions, it looks like he cares a lot less than you do (I might be wrong) and his actions contradict his words to an extent. Maybe just leave him (like pretend he's not there) for a while and see if he comes back, if not, then maybe it's time to move on, but if he returns and shows more interest then you're safe ;)


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  • Guys only talk when they WANT something, usually to quell their pests, e. g. stomach, penis, etc.
    That said, if anyone gives only one word answers all the time, acts mysterious then one or more of these are suspect:

    They are keeping you around but are shopping replacement candidates

    When they talk about things, they get more than they bargained for in back talk or criticism, or... ?

    When someone already knows you would be against their great/coveted idea, they will withhold all plans to activate it until after the fact.

    They are damn tired and the refreshment they require cannot be served up by you

    • Yeah, but this is when we're not together. When we are together everything is great we have a long distance relationship

    • It takes 5 hours to get to me and costs a shit load of money every time but he still does that? So if he was looking for replacement why would he do that

    • My job is not to throw up clay target for you to shoot down because you chose to present so few clues to work with. If this is the scenario, then you are seeking listeners for bitching about this problem.

      Your job is to take one of those guesses and figure out if there's more evidence to SUPPORT one of them, in order to gain the answer you claim to seek... the purpose of posting such a Q.

      So you rule out shopping for replacement... that leaves a "shit load" of other guesses (+ any you might have?) to explore. Work on these, add others to get to the bottom of all this.

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