What's with the "white people are racist because they don't date interracial"?

So I see plenty of articles here and there or questions on this website going some variation of "White people are such racists, they would rather date intraracially than interacially."

When you're dating, you're literally picking out someone for sex, with is linked to procreation in the same way drinking water is linked to life. You're literally picking out a mate to combine your genes with for your own progeny.

How on earth does anyone think they have the right to control people's choice in that matter by shaming and griping, "Oh, that groups is racist, they don't want to date out!"

Granted, if someone *only* wants to date out, that might show an issue. Maybe they don't like their culture, or they have some self-hate issue or something.

If someone only wants to date their race? How on earth does anyone have the right to condemn or criticize that? Did someone die and make the person President of the Galaxy?

What's with the

See, what I truly have to ask those people who think it's wrong when white guys won't date other races is, "Are you saying it's wrong or cruel or immoral to deny my dick to other races of girls?"

Doesn't it really boil down to that?


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  • I just think it sounds dumb to say "I only date white people" because that's racist. Preferring white people, somehow magically dating more white people doesn't make you a racist. Not associating with a race in a certain area, just because they're that race is racist.

    • Oh, I'm sure by at least some definitions, only dating your race is racist. No doubt me only dating white girls is racist, as I'm white. Let's agree that it's "racist" for me to only date whites, and hence, I am racist.

      Can you explain to me how that's bad, or how you or anyone else has a right to condemn that or say it's bad that I only want to date intra-racially?

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    • ? Let me rephrase. Either you didn't understand me or I don't understand you.

      Let's say I explicitly only date my race, white girls, even though I find Asian girls and latinos attractive. But I explicitly only want to date white girls. Racist.

      Now, can you explain how that's bad? Immoral? Wrong?

      Are you saying I have a moral duty to fuck all girls equally, and it's wrong to deny my dick to other races?

    • I'm not saying you have a moral duty to fuck all races, but you should have a moral duty to give people a chance regardless of pregudice.
      Im not saying he has to date asain girls or Latino girls, but to completely deny dating dating them an not even consider them because of their race is racist.
      Being racist doesn't always directly hurt someone. Telling someone they can't et if your restraunt because of their skin color doesn't hurt them, but it is morally wrong to deny people something based sheerly off of something as vein as skin color
      You can have standards, you can choose who you have sex with. But when your choices are intolerant, don't be mad when people call you on it.

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  • All these articles, the media in general and especially the schools want to make you feel guilty for being white. So you must mix yourself with someone non white. If you do you're automatically ''cool''.
    Isn't it weird that all this forced interracial/anti white propaganda and forced immigration happens to white countries ONLY?
    I never heard a TV show or teacher or read an article, promoting diversity to Asian and African countries. Why? Because anti racist is a codeword for anti white. Diversity is a codeword for white genocide.
    Its about hunting down the last white person to label a racist and force him to mix himself and contribute to the extinction of a whole racial group that happens to be the creator of European civilisation.


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  • I'm of two minds on this.

    First, if you're not attracted to a person, you shouldn't date them. However, not finding anyone but people of your own race attractive makes me think that the deeper issue of internalized racism is at play because this is a big wide world. How can you say you don't find *anyone* from other races attractive? How would you know unless you saw everyone?

  • counting there are fucking lonely white girls all around and black men never even bother even to touch them. what the fuck?


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  • sensitive people, or people who prefer white people and are not white themselves and never got picked by a white person, gotta realize its all preference hahaa.

  • I agree. A lot of people attempt to shame others all the time for their personal life choices. Smokers, fat people, people with sexual preferences, the list of people being shamed for personal lifestyle goes on and on.

  • Every race mostly date intra-racially, so Asians, Hispanics and Blacks are all racists? Over-sensitivity plus political correctness generate this bullshit.
    Personally I do not think Whites are racist, and are even less racists than others.

  • If white people are racist for only wanting to date whites, that should be true for other races.

  • this is along the lines of the "obama is coming for our guns" crowd. Some people take a concept too far that they don't really notice when they've stumbled into the absurd. You aren't harming anyone by not finding them attractive. It's silly to think anyone's opinion is valuable enough that not finding a race attractive would be detrimental to that race. Most people know this, but where it becomes absurd is that they still call it racism, even though there is no risk or threat of harm. I mean, as long as no one is being oppressed by it, who cares?

  • It is a mater of aesthetics. If someone finds a group attractive (IE: people with olive skin) then they find them attractive. Hardly racist, it's preference Haile Selassie made a profound statement paraphrased it said the color of a mans skin should make as much difference as the color of his eyes So using this guideposts some people prefer dating people with green eyes others brown, so be it.

    Here's the full quote:"That until there are no longer first-class and second class citizens of any nation; That until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes; That until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to all without regard to race; That until that day, the dream of lasting peace and world citizenship and the rule of international morality will remain but a fleeting illusion, to be pursued but never attained;"

  • I agree with what you said.


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