He really hurt my feelings, what do I do now?

So, there is this guy that I have been crushing on for a long time. We always saw each other through friends, so on a whim I asked him out and he agreed. We went out to dinner and a switch must have flipped because he acted TOTALLY different.

He kept talking over me and spent the whole time bitching about his life; I love to listen to people, but the conversation was so negative that it was bumming me out. Any time I spoke he seemed totally uninterested and would quickly change the subject back to him.

If that wasn't bad enough, we ended up arguing before the meal was even done!!

We were sitting there eating and out of no where, he asked me how much I weighed. 2 years ago I suffered from bulimia so I'm sensitive about my weight, so I declined answering him. He said that I was bigger than the girls he normally dated and said if I "toned up" I'd be sexier. I was so upset that I told him he was a nasty person and left. He bitched me out via text saying I was overly sensitive and all of this shit.

A day later he sent me a long, heartfelt message apologizing for how he behaved. He said he has been going through a lot and let it come out on me and he wants a chance to show the "real him." I was so hurt by everything he said that I'm unsure.

Should I give him another chance or was his behavior just too much to forgive?


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  • Okay girl, no. Dont give this guy another chance. Any man who has the audacity to make you feel inferior and like you should improve in order to please him on the first damn date is bound to be a douche. Okay that was a huge sentence but really you do not want to fall in love with someone who is just into themselves. He may have had a bad night but life is all about up and down. Nothing is constant so ask yourself if the bad is worth the good in him.

    • You have a good point. I never let people talk shit to me so I shouldn't let some guy do it just because I thought he USED to be cool... I think he is insecure and struggling to he was picking at me to make himself feel better. It's probably better someone like that doesn't date people until they figure shit out.

    • Yess thats right. Keep looking you'll find someone worth your time and energy :)

    • Thanks, I'm glad to see that there are positive responses.

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  • Nope. Next his ass

  • I don't care

    • You cared enough to comment. Lol.

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  • No don't! there is a good reason why he is miserable

  • If you really need to ask others this question you should be getting some help with your self esteem. You are not ready to be dating.

    • I was asking more because I was confused and was hoping for a different perspective, that is what the site is for. I don't see a point in ridiculing the fact that I asked. It's better that I ask and receive help then to just go on not knowing.

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    • You seriously need to get help with your self esteem. You are way to sensitive of a person if you can't this website.

    • If I can't this website? Okay...

      You don't need to worry because there were some actually helpful and sweet, well thought out answers that I can easily use from people who clearly put more thought into them.

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