Guys not into hot bombshell girl next doors?

I don't expect every guy to like me or want to date me or even most. But let's say maybe I'm hoping some will? I'm beautiful. Smart funny laid back. Nice. Sexy. Loyal monogamous not materialistic witty cool. I believe in God fairly spiritual. Some would say I'm a great catch. Yet despite having lots of great qualities most dates aren't interested in me most try to use me. It's not me but the question is why do these men meet someone who rare and of quality and just either treat the person the crap or never talk to them again? I don't get it.

I met a man a few days ago. Surprisingly he was nice. Not psycho. Seemed laid back. Was he the best looking no he was older. But since he treated me with respect rhat was big in my book. I overlooked his blah looks and pock marks. We talked about hangin out again he did come to my house that night. I chose not to do anything physical. He didn't ask but I said maybe next time we could. I text him again he responds. Doesn't text again. I text him again next day he responds but didn't text me next day. I asked if he wanted to go to a movie and no response. I just find it weird. Hot beautiful and kind girl wants to potentially do something sexual with average guy who's older and nothing. No response. What goes through the heads of these weirdos that would reject a girl who has all these qualities and not so much as respond.

most males treat me like I'm an on call girl that's it. Or are rude or stupid. Do they have mental defects.


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  • I'll be a little blunt, okay. We can probably see you're beautiful and sexy, but smart, funny, nice, not materialistic and laid back... we can't notice this in just one or two dates.

    The first three dates i had with women are almost identical. And in those three dates all of you are the same to me. After these three you'd show your 'true colors'. Maybe not intentionally, maybe because you feel safer? I don't know but the crazy kicked in after the third dates (after the 1st sex). The other side of that coin is the girls who are a real catch also show their true selves after they feel secure and i loved them all. I still love all my ex's qualities.

    What i'm trying to say is: if you are a real catch then you deserve a guy who is top quality. I'm not talking about an alpha male here. I'm talking about a guy who wants a serious relationship and is willing to commit to it. These guys will wait to have sex with you. After they do they try their best to stay with you by learning to giggle at your quirks (instead of frowning), handle your insecurities, be friends with your family etc. etc.

    The last guy you went out with? He was nice probably because he just wanted to get in your pants. Not top quality. I hope you're patient enough to wait for that one guy who'll appreciate you best.

    • Lol. That was well put great answer thanks. I totally agree but the way u explained it makes sense. Thanks

    • I feel the same way about most guys or dates. It's all the same but I don't get what a guy is really looking for. It's so confusing. But yes that guy probably did want a first date sex encounter who knows

    • I'm sorry about the confusion. The thing is guys are good at lying too. If saying we want a relationship can get us into your pants some of us would do it. I know a senior from college who said everything a girl wants to hear just to end up in bed with her. Afterwards he acted like a total dick so the girl would dump him. Guess what? It worked. The girl never knew she was being played.

      I'm also sorry to say that hot girls attract guys like this a lot.

      Enough scaring though. Some guys are good, I know this. I hope you find one. :)

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  • I think past 21ish no ones going to see you as the girl next door anymore. especially not over 30. ;)

    • That makes no sense. 30 is young. So that's lame

    • no it isn't. it's not exactly old, but it's nit young either.

      no one looks at a 30+ year old woman as the girl next door. it's too late for that nonsense for you. focus on being a desirable woman.

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  • maybe guys don't like you because you seem conceited. I know that's how I felt right when I read your post

  • Well see normally I wanna date girls like you but they say I'm too nice and the biggest turnoff apparently is when I tell a girl I would treat her like my queen

    • That's not a bad thing it's a good thing

    • They don't think so otherwise I probably would have a girlfriend cause that's the type I like

  • You sound perfect to me. These guys are idiots lol


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  • HE "didn't ask" to do anything physical + YOU were txting HIM?

    My apologies but both make NO SENSE to me.


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