An actor has a crush on me?

He is not this famous, but he did do few movies that were successful. My cousin has a friend who knows a person that is close to that certain actor.
Somehow as the days went by, me, my cousin and that friend got together and then that friend introduced us to that person she knows to be close to that actor, and in the end i met that actor.
I am not that popular, but i do have few friends, and i am not really this impressing. i dress up normal clothes and i can say that i used to suffer from severe anxiety and i was without any friends, and i rather cured myself with lots of sessions with a therapist. so i am more social and less insecure, but still i can't impress a person who is too popular, but somehow when i met that guy i was very interesting. i discussed my favorite book and he seemed to like it a lot.
We exchanged numbers, and then he asked me out...
i don't know if i should say yes, because since i like peace and quite i don't think dating a famous person would be peaceful to me, but i still think i should because he seems very nice and smart, and also, when will i get the chance to glance at that world?
and i am not sure if i should do this because since i said i would like to see what is it llike to date a famous person, it is like i am using him for being a celebrity, and i am so nervous, because i am scared i might mess this up and i have just become stable and my anxiety level just lowered.
i really want to date him because of how nice he is, but i don't because i am nervous.
what should i do? also my family aren't rich and well, he must be wealthy because of all of this. so what should i do?
i am 15 years old and he is 16.
it has been 5 hours since he asked me. i didn't answer yet.
help me people
somebody help please?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Say yes if you like him. . .
    He obviously has an interest in you, don't let yourself be just another crush to him. Be something more.

    • well to be honest he would be the first guy that had a crush on me. no guy ever had a crush on me before, or asked me out. i asked out this guy that i liked and he made it clear he wants us to stay friends. so also i think it sounds a bit fishy. the girl who never had a guy to like her more than a friend has a celebrity who is famous and known and probably dated many girls to ask her out? do you think he might want to use me?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Before you decide, you need to find out the real reason behind him asking you out. There are some guys out there who only use girls for sex; I know this because my ex asked me if I wanted to have sex w/ him on the 3rd day we were going out. If his intentions is pure, then start out as friends and hang out as much as possible. This will help you get to know him better as well as deepen the bond between you guys.

    Don't worry about how much time has passed after he's asked you out; if he really likes you, he won't mind the wait.


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  • Say yes. There are a lot of girlfriends of actors that we probably don't even know about.

    • it sounds fishy too. no guy ever wanted me more than a friend. i have a bunch of best guy friends now because of that, so how come a famous guy who went on many dates with many girls and is very confident would ask me out? sure i was interesting for one day but then we met again and i was so ordinary. and he is so charming, surely he can pick up any girl who is more interesting than me, right?

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    • thank you...

    • Your welcome

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  • You're wayyyyy over thinking this. Do you think it would be fun to go on a date with him? Great, then go on 1 date and take it from there.


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