Guys, Why would you make a out of the blue random statement like " If you didn't live in the one town I hate " ?

O. k. so my boyfriend lives an hour and a half away, we've only been seeing each other a month and while he was spending the night the weekend before last he blurted out the statement " If you didn't live in the one town I hate " There was no conversation going on prior, we were just laying there holding each other quietly. I didn't ask him at the time because it was a little awkward and I didn't want to put him on the spot , but I asked him tonight and his response was " Just that I never liked living there as a kid and wouldn't be particularly keen on living there again " and when I asked what brought that to mind at that moment , he kind of got defensive and shut me down with " your putting too much thought into a throw away comment " Can any of you men translate this because I am confused...


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  • It sounds like he was bothered by something he remembered about his past in the town, and that comment was his way of bringing up a discussion about it. I think it has little or nothing to do with you.

    I doubt it was a throwaway comment, though. He probably wanted to talk about something (like bad memories of the town) and that was his way of transitioning into that topic. Maybe he backed out, and is trying to play it off as an off-hand remark, but he didn't say it for no reason.

    Has he ever talked about that town before?

    • I broke up with him yesterday, but no he hardly ever talked about anything about himself ( the reason I ended it ) refused to talk on the phone and would only text. So most times if I asked any questions about him , he would just not answer the text and the next day text a " Hey! " and completely ignore the fact I asked him something. After a month of basically being shut out I had to end it - it was making me miserable and unhappy. It's a shame because I really liked him, but wasn't going to pry information from him.

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    • That was what I kept telling myself ! And why I ended it. Thank You for your confirmation in my doing the right thing. I've second guessed it a few times since. And for your interpretation of his meaning.

    • Thanks for MHO :D Hope you can move on to this and get to better things!

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  • He's a teenager?

    You've GOT to be kidding. I'm assuming he didn't say he was kidding. I'd say he's not exactly a worldly man. Wow. He hates a whole town.

    Uncle Rico? The other town beat his town in football senior year?

    • Not kidding... and not a teen :( he is very worldly... though if you lived here you would understand! has nothing ! A tiny little one stop light of a town... dead ! That aside why would he make a statement like that out of the blue?

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    • LOl I try not to think that far ahead ;P I still wouldn't sell... planned on if I ever got married and moved kept it as a rental for extra income.

    • I missed a few of your comments. He works and rents a place as far as O know. He's very tight lipped and really hard to get info out of. Hence coming here and asking. Everytime I get too personal with questions I get cut off or short answered :(

  • Perhaps he hesitated visiting you in a town he had a bad childhood in.


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