Anybody please help I don't know what to do anymore. What does he feel for me?

A year and a couple of months we have talking dating and texting. I guess you can say it's a friends with benefits kind of thing I have feeling for him and sometimes I think I'm in love with this person I wish I could just tell him how I feel but I'm scared of what he would say or think I'm not the kind of girl that says what I feel I usually wait till they tell me something. If I didn't feel the same way I just let them know I'm not right for them. So this guy I changed my rules I never kissed anybody without being there gf. I had a bf for three years and another one for a year and a half I like to take relationships seriously. Well point is we made love and I feel the same way I can't get him off my mind we both have busy life's but he texts me when he can he tells me he misses me and I tell him too stuff like that. But we never really talked about an us. I thought it was just a hit it and quit it type of thing but then I don't know if it's just a fuck buddy. But then if it was then why would he text me how's my days my weekend or that he misses me. I don't get him he told me he had a dream about me he dream of me twice that we made love but I don't know what that means why is he dreaming of this? He dreamed of be yesterday and today he texted me he missed me and told me to stop being in he's dreams. Should I just tell him what does he feel? What does he want from me? I'm just tired I don't want to do this anymore I'm catching feelings and if I let this go on I'm afraid he might fall for someone else and break my heart at end.


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  • He's into you. If you were just friends with benefits he wouldn't bother checking up on you, or letting you know he is thinking of you. Just be cool with him, tell him how you feel, and that you think giving a relationship a shot isn't a bad idea. I guarantee he will be elated. He's texting you confusing things because he himself isn't sure what to say, he just wants contact. If you are sure on wanting a relationship then go for it.

    • Take this advice.

    • Thank you you gave me hope. I just hope he feels the same way. But why isn't he sure what to say do I make him that speechless or he's just as nervous and shut as me? this whole thing is confusing I never felt this way in a long as time I feel new to the whole love thing when it come to him.

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  • Honesty is the best policy. Ask him directly, or tell him you want more and see what his response is.

    • I haven't seen him since the day we did what we did and now we just text should I wait and tell him in person or in text is the best solution.

    • I would put him on ice and see if he comes looking for you.

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  • I think you should just make it official. He cares about you.

    • Ill have to see what he says or thinks I hope he does feel the same way.

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