Guys, have you ever felt this way?

Whenever you come across a couple , consisting of an average or below average looking dude with a really pretty/beautiful girl, have you ever felt this urge to punch that guy in the face? Even if it was for just a moment?

Girls can just reverse the genders and share their views as well.

Please be brutally honest.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My first horribly shallow thought? Yes. But I'm a psychology major, I understand that fundamentally we are drawn to people who are of the same level of attractiveness as us, so more than anything it just confuses me. But we all know what really counts in relationships is personality and compatibility, and thats hard for a lot of people to find so if they found it in each other then hey, props to them for defying statistics!


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, I usually like those guys.

    However when its an above average guy with a sexy girlfriend, then I want to punch him in the face because I know he didn't even try.

    • Haha! Great logic!

      But you know, even above average looking guys usually have to slog their ass off to get dates. Dating in general is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too hard for men compared to women, irrespective of their looks. Except for some ulta-handsome looking, Hollywood-like hunks.

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    • Yeah, exactly, by his clothes, car, job etc.

      Seriously once in an airport somewhere, I can't remember where anymore, I saw this really short nerdy looking guy and I mean unbelievably short like he was about 4 feet tall and he was with a tall blonde modelesque type chick. They were definitely together too, she wasn't his sister or anything. They even had kids. I did like a double take at them and the woman gave me the dirtiest look I've ever seen. So he was obviously loaded. I wonder what he did.

    • Haha! Now that's some serious shit!

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What Girls Said 3

  • I think yes, but I also think that everyone has different taste in guys. I have friends who think certain guys are hot, but I don't think who they think is hot is hot at all.

  • No, I think it's sweet. I shows that they love each other for what's inside and not for looks. He must have a pretty great personality, don't you think? :)

    • Since when have REALLY good looking girls started getting attracted to average or below average looking guys, irrespective of seasonality?

      I know all this talk about women caring more about personality than looks, but it's all bull. I suppose he just has a lot of money or something.

    • Haha whatever you say. After all you're a girl so you know all about what we think ;) You go girl!

  • You people make me sad

    • Why sad?

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    • What if that thought only occurs for a few moments, and the person would never act upon those thoughts and wouldn't resort to physical assault?

    • the fleeting desire says a lot about you.

What Guys Said 3

  • Actually I consider that guy lucky... I try to learn what's different about him and not me!

    When I figure it out, I develope it in myself if it is not against my ethics!

    And if I am better looking than him... I have a better benefit than him!!

  • Or you could channel your energy to find a GF..

    Just remember you asked for brutal honesty.

    • Well...'getting a f' is a tougher task than climbing Mount Everest for me, and I know my energy would be wasted. I don't even try, because I'm sure girls would reject me anyway.

      Also, such thoughts (which i have mentioned in the question) are only momentary. I'm a law biding citizen, and would never act on those thoughts and resort to physical assault.

  • lol all the time! and i wanna punch the girl too for having such low standards in guys


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