Guys, why do I seem to only attract the wrong guy?

I'm pretty average. I wear sneakers and t shirts for the most part. I never wear anything other then lip gloss makeup wise unless it's an important event. Needless to say sometimes it looks like (a sorry excuse of a girl, but i do at least sometimes try but i Don't see the point point anymore) put on the closes pair of jeans and a black shirt and put my hair in a pony tail. Most of the guys i talk to are my really close friends. Yet the only kinda guy that ever seems to be interested in me are the jerks and womenizers. I don't even flirt with people they just come out of no where. Is there something wrong with me? Why are the jerks the only ones who seem to pay me attention? What should i do? I'm getting to the point where i want to give up forever.
Im not saying I'm ugly i do think im pretty. And i do dress nice its just i prefer to be comfortable and i believe that it's better for someone to love me like that.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you. The players don't care about you so they have nothing to lose & that's why it seems that way to you, at least you're smart enough to recognize them for what they are.

    I bet there more than a few guys that like you, but there nervous because they don't want just sex. They are more subtle, unfortunately they over think thereselves to inaction & one other thing. Don't ever "dress up" for anyone other than yourself & that special guy once you find him.)

    • You know my female friend said the same thing but to hear it from a guy makes me feel a lot better.

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  • Jerk think they are God's gift to women. They approach all women more. Guys who understand that they might not be the right fir behave a lot like women do. They approach sometimes... and subtly. All women think most guys are jerk because those are the guys that get over the fear of approaching the earliest. So for a long time that's the only guys you ever see. It's an opportunity bias though

    • I see your point. And understand it. But i don't mind them coming up to me it actually makes me feel more pretty then i think i am. It's just the things i see and eventually hear. Or sometimes expereanc.

  • the other guys pay you no attention because you pay them none.
    you should try to be friendlier and smile a bit more.
    you have to fight for what you want.
    because otherwise only asses hit on random girls who show no interest in them.

    • I understand and i do try. But i either get friendzoned or they are taken. I doesn't stop me from looking but it's a lot harder than i thought lol

    • Relax, there are a LOT of guys who feel the exact same as you do, just need to identify them that's all

    • Thank you i feel better

  • Try talking with the shy guys, they are always nice.

    • Most of them are my friends. Once i tried to flirt with one and he shot me down and dated someone else

  • They're the only ones who make their move, there's gonna be plenty of great guys who are attracted to you, but they're too worried about being nice, polite, or just don't have the confidence to go up and make their move.


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